Bath Tubes

What can be more soothing to the nerves after a hard day at work than to soak into a relaxing warm bathtub? A perfect undisturbed place to wash out your worries, stress and even physical pain and discomfort! It also adds the much desired luxury element with stunning looks to your home and bathroom. A beautiful well equipped bathtub with desired and comfortable accessories can provides an exhilarating experience to the mind, body and soul. They create a pleasing enjoyable atmosphere for the bathroom.

Bathtubs today are no longer just limited to a few designs, shapes, materials, types nor are they meant for just homes with large spacious bathrooms. With a huge variety of designs available, one can easily find a beautiful bathtub that fits your specification. Whether you want to go for a sit up tub or a soak-in, or maybe a walk-in type bath, it is possible to choose from a host of options available depending on the desired purpose and choice. Standard tubs usually have inside measurements around 5′ long, 30″ wide and 14″ to 16″ high and exterior measurements between 5′ and 6′ long and 32″ to 60″ wide but there could be other custom designed measurements too. Some baths may be deeper than others like soaking tubs and so on. Some bathtubs are designed to accommodate two people simultaneously while others are made for a single individual. One may place it against a wall, in a corner or even in the center of the bathroom as per taste and style. Some may have built in showers while others may not. From traditional designs to modern sleek unique designs with built in technology, there’s a perfect bathtub for every individual.

There are luxury bathtubs or whirlpool body massage tubs with sophisticated functionality. They provide tub heat control, allow you to adjust the strength, direction and tempo of your hydro massage, LCD control panels, in built TV. Some also have features like Chromatherapy light kit or the use of programmed light to stimulate the visual senses and sooth your mind.

The most widely used modern bathtubs are acrylic and fiberglass however, one many also find other luxurious and expensive options in wood, enamel, cultured marble, cast iron, even ceramic and glass tile tubs. Let’s look at some of the types of bathtubs available in various materials and styles.

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Different Types of Bathtubs

Claw foot bathtub – It is perhaps the most iconic and distinctive type of bathtub with a sloping back and a flat front for relaxation and comfort. It is also often referred to as the standard type. Typically made out of porcelain and cast iron, also available in fiberglass and acrylic as a means to reduce costs. It is perfect to give the classical, elegant feel to your décor.

Whirlpool Baths or Jacuzzi – They are the hallmark of modern luxury, beauty combined with therapeutic properties. It uses tiny jets of water and air to massage the body. These bathtubs provide a host of health benefits by improving blood circulation, reducing stress, ease chronic muscle and joint pain, improve heart beat as well and are highly pleasurable. They are mostly made out of durable acrylic and can come in various price ranges depending on the additional accessories or technological functionalities it comes with.

Soaking tubs – Also called Japanese style tubs, these tubs allow you to immerse your whole body into the water. Milder jets of water work in a cam, subtle manner to provide a wonderful experience. They come in visually stunning and beautiful designs. Generally made out of acrylic or copper, the amount of water they hold may also vary and they can be either deep set into the floor or free standing.

Walk in tubs – As the name implies, these tubs allow you to simply walk in with a small door at the side of the tub. Ideally suited for anyone who loves to just avoid the hassles of getting into a bath tub or climbing into it! This type of tub is also good for elderly people or people with disabilities. They also come in with additional massage and spray head, plus give you the multiple jet options. May look better in large spacious bathrooms however smaller options are also available.

Freestanding tubs – These are probably the easiest and the most versatile to install and are extremely popular and handy. These tubs are not inbuilt or enclosed but are free standing on 4 legs. Usually the faucets and taps are mounted on the tub itself or on the wall and may come with integrated showers in some cases. Generally made out of cast iron, porcelain and acrylic, these tubs come in various designs and styles.

Drop in bathtubs – Also known as platform or deck mounted. These tubs are deep set on the floor to resemble a personal swimming pool in your bathroom. They come with a built-up deck structure with integrated faucets. They are ideally suited for spacious bathrooms. Many whirlpool types also utilize this type of installation. They render an unmatchable luxurious feel to the room. They come in rectangular, square or other shapes.

Jetted Bathtubs – They are similar to Jacuzzi but use a controlled flow of water through specific pressure points in the bathtub with a certain degree of pressure. Pressure therapy is used to relieve the body of tiredness to rejuvenate and refresh the body. They are highly expensive and can also include massage systems as additions.

Recessed or Alcove Tubs – These tubs are the most common type of bathtubs as they are functional, practical and affordable. These tubs are built in adjacent to three walls and generally have only one finished side. Come with wall mounted faucets and they usually have a shower. They are typically rectangular in shape but may have varied depths. They are ideal for children and for maximizing the benefits of a shower and a bath.

Corner Tubs – Known as the ultimate space savers, these tubs can be great to solve design problems and are perfect choice for small or irregularly shaped baths. They can be fitted into a corner or even placed diagonally for a more open feel. Available in various design options but may not always come with an integrated shower option. They may be finished on one side or may be designed for diagonal installation.