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Children's Furniture

Shop for the best kids furniture UAE from Danube Home!

As a parent you want to provide your children with everything that they need. A big part of this is giving them the space to grow and learn. Kids furniture play a big role in providing them their very own safe haven at home. You want to create a space that they love spending time in doing the many different activities they enjoy. Your kids room should reflect their individual personality and have all the things they will need as they enter different phases in their life. Children grow up quite fast so it is very important to plan ahead and design a room that they can enjoy at least for a few years before you have to re-decorate in order to accommodate their changing needs. Furniture that’s perfect during your child’s toddler years until they’re about 10 years old may not be suitable once they enter their teenage years specially when it comes to products like  kids beds, kids cupboard and even kids study desk.

First and foremost, when purchasing kids furniture, be sure to measure the space in your kids room and find beds, storage units and study tables that perfectly fit into the space. Each piece of furniture should also look cohesive and well put-together to create a neat and organized space. If you find a study desk in UAE that you absolutely love, be sure to find a study chair, kids bed and  wardrobe that complements it.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the many different types of beds, wardrobes and study tables in UAE that’s available for your kids room and you’re not sure what pieces of furniture are essential, here’s a list of must-have items that’ll help you design your kids room with ease:

Kids bed: The first, most important piece of furniture you need in your child’s room is the bed. At Danube Home, we have several kids bed options that we’re sure your child will love. If you have 2 kids sharing a room, bunk beds and trundle beds are a great choice that will save on space while giving your kids their individual space. You can decide the size and style of bed depending on your child’s age and his/her personal choice. Make sure you invest in a  good mattress to ensure that your child wakes up well-rested every day. Kids rooms are not usually the biggest room in a home so having multifunctional furniture like beds with ample storage is a great choice to store away toys or other knickknacks.

Kids cupboard: The next, most obvious choice is kids cupboard, as you will need a space to store your child’s clothes. You can look for options that have mirror on the door or even buy a separate kids dressing table depending on how much space you have in the room. If you have do have enough room, buying a kids dressing table is a good option as these come with additional storage and you can never have too much storage in a kids room. Danube Home has several multifunctional kids furniture that serve several functions while being compact and designed to appeal to children.

Kids table and chairs: Kids table and chairs are important kids furniture to add to your child’s room, after all, they do need a space to sit too. This can either be part of study table for kids or you can also add additional kids chair for seating especially if you enjoy hosting play dates for your children. Buying a study table for kids and study chair for kids is absolutely essential especially once they’re old enough to do arts and crafts or study. It is important for children to have different spaces in their room for sleep, study and play. Having a study chair and study table for kids in a designated space in their room lets them know that that particular area is dedicated to doing their homework and studying. When choosing a kids study desk, it is important to ensure that it is suitable for their age size-wise. The kids chair and kids table should be at the perfect height to make sure they’re comfortable. You can buy the best study table in UAE from a Danube Home showroom located in multiple locations across the UAE or buy study table online for kids from the Danube Home website or mobile app.

Buy kids furniture online from Danube Home!

If you are looking for kids furniture in UAE, look no further; Danube Home has the largest collection of kids furniture online as well as in-store! Shopping for a study desk in Dubai or a bookshelf in Dubai has never been easier. Simply visit the Danube Home website and browse through the amazing range of study table for kids, kids table and chairs, kids beds, cupboards, accessories and so much more! Kids room accessories in furniture include fun and uniquely designed storage spaces that you can store books or toys in, tee pee tents and poufs, all designed to bring joy to children.

When buying the best study desk in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, make sure you do some research about all the different types available in the market. It is very easy to order kids furniture online and buying a kids study desk or bookshelf in Dubai is no different. When you search for ‘study table online for kids’, you will find thousands of results, however, it is always best to shop from a brand that you know and trust.

Kids Furniture - FAQ’s

1) What comes under kids furniture?

Kids furniture includes beds, table and chairs, study desks, wardrobes, bookshelves and dressing tables that are specially designed for kids. They may feature colors, prints and patterns that appeal to children and are compact enough for their rooms. Most kids furniture is designed to leave ample room for children to play or do other activities. This is why certain kids furniture are multi-functional units that feature a bed or a bunk bed with a built-in study, storage units and sometimes even a wardrobe. This ensures that there is ample room for children to unwind and play with their toys. Kids furniture designs also vary vastly depending on the child’s age. A teenager would have different preferences and needs as opposed to a toddler. Danube Home has a wide range of furniture that’s sure to appeal to kids of all ages.

2) What are the materials used to make furniture for kids room?

Furniture for kids room is usually made of hard-wearing solid wood, plywood or engineered wood (MDF). Additional materials like melamine, veneer and plastic may also be used to give different finishes that appeal to children while being easy to clean and maintain. Danube Home uses only superior quality material in all kids furniture to ensure their safety. The material and construction is sturdy and durable and will last throughout your child’s childhood and beyond.

3) Can I order kids furniture online?

Yes, you can definitely order kids furniture online. When shopping for kids furniture online, be sure to do your research and figure out exactly what furniture you need. It is also equally important to shop from a brand that you trust in terms of service and quality of products. Furniture items like beds, study tables and wardrobes will require assembling, so it is always best to opt for a brand that not just delivers the item to your doorstep but also has an expert team of professionals who will handle the assembling too. Danube Home is a brand that offers a wide range of kids furniture option. The Danube Home website showcases clear images of each product as well as vital information like dimensions, material and other product details making your buying decision easier. Danube Home also offers free delivery and installation by experts making shopping for your kids furniture online super easy and hassle-free.

4) How to choose best kids furniture products?

Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing the best kids furniture products:

- Aesthetics: The design and style of your kids furniture is a key factor to consider. While the style can be different from the décor of the rest of your home, it is important that it doesn’t completely appear as the one oddly designed room in your home. It is important to choose pieces that complement your overall home décor while appealing to your child too.

- Functionality: Functionality is another important aspect when it comes to choosing furniture for your child’s room. You do not want to add pieces just because they look good, it is important that they serve a purpose too. A bed should serve the purpose of providing a relaxed sleep, a wardrobe should be able to accommodate all your child’s clothes, a study desk should be able to allow your child to sit and study comfortably. If you have a smaller room, it is also a great idea to invest in multi-functional furniture that provides many functions in a single, compact unit.

- Durability: Durability is perhaps the most important factor to consider when buying furniture for your kids room. Make sure you know what material the furniture is made of. Check if the furniture comes with a warranty. The furniture in your child’s room should last them through childhood so invest in sturdy, durable furniture.

- Budget: Be sure to keep your budget in mind. Children grow up fast and investing an exorbitant amount of money on certain furniture that they may soon outgrow isn’t necessary especially if you’re on a budget. Invest in durable pieces of furniture that you’re sure will be used by your child for a long time.

5) What are the different types of furniture available for children’s rooms?

Just like in an adult’s room, there are different types of furniture available for children’s rooms too. Here are the different types of furniture available for children’s rooms:

- Bed: Beds for teenagers usually come in 90x190cm to 120x200 size and maybe in a single bed, bunk bed or trundle bed design. Beds for toddlers are smaller than this and usually feature colorful prints and patterns. Some beds also come with additional features like attached wardrobe, study or storage.

- Storage units: You can never have too much storage in a child’s room. A decent sized cupboard is a must-have in your child’s room to store all of his/her clothes, toys and other knickknacks. You can also look for beds with storage as well as other smaller storage units designed for kids rooms to store away toys when they’re not being used. You can also add a bookshelf in your child’s room to keep books that you read to them or books that they love. As an added bonus, this may help promote a love for reading in them too.

- Study desk: All children’s rooms should have a study desk. This is where your child can do their homework or even do arts and crafts projects. The study desk should also have a comfortable study chair too.

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