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Shop for the best lamps and lighting products in the UAE from Danube Home!

There are several types of lamps and lighting options available in the market, whether you choose to buy from a store near you or you decide to buy lamps online. Among all the online lamp stores, Danube Home stands out with the amazing selection of products offered as well as the price range. While it is quite easy to find cheap lamps online, both in marketplaces or expert brands in the field like Danube Home, it is important to make sure the lamp you are buying is of good quality and serves the purpose for which you are buying it. Be sure to research on the best lamp shop online and always purchase items from a brand you can trust. When you buy lamps online, the ease and convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home and getting the products delivered to your doorstep is always enticing. However, since some lamps are quite fragile, you should always buy lamps online from a trusted brand in order to avoid mishaps during transit and delivery.

Here are some things you should decide before shopping for lamps online or from stores, in Dubai, Sharjah or anywhere in the UAE:

- Location:

It is important to decide where you wish to place the lamp. Are you looking to buy a lamp for your  living room, bedroom, study or dining room? Do you plan on placing the lamp on the floor or on a table? Answering these questions will help you narrow down the kind of lamp you should buy. You should also ensure that you have power connections to be able to use the lamps in the location you intent to use it.

- Purpose:

The basic function of a lamp is to illuminate its surroundings. However, there are different levels of illumination for different types of lamps. Some lamps are used to enhance the ambience of a room while others are used to accomplish certain tasks like pulling focus to a particular area of a home, or to light up your study desk as you work or study late into the night. Figuring out the purpose for which you are purchasing your lamp is very important when making a buying decision.

- Style of the lamp:

Lamps are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Black lamps, gold lamps, white lamps, pink lamps, green lamps, silver lamps and gray lamps, there are a host of options in terms of colors alone. You can also find different shapes whether it is the base of the lamp or the lamp shade itself. The most common lamp shades are drum shade, oval shade, the classic cone shade, bell shade and even geometric shades that you can find in some of the more modern or contemporary lamps and lighting designs.

- Material of the lamp:

You also have the option to choose the material you prefer for your lamp, from ceramic lamps, to glass lamps, to metal lamps, there are many you can take your pick from. Ceramic lamps while stunning is also quite delicate so be sure to handle them with extra care. You will find beautifully crafted table lamps made of ceramic material. Metal lamps are sturdier and are usually the go-to material for floor lamps. However, intricately crafted metal table lamps in polished silver and gold are also much sought after.

- Height/size:

Another important factor to consider is the height or size of the lamp. This will largely depend on whether you wish to place the lamp on a table or on the floor. You should also choose a lamp that will work well with your  home décor. If your home has low ceilings, you should stay away from lamps that are too tall and stick to mid-size options that create the illusion of an open, well-lit space.

- Budget:

Sticking to a budget is super important when decorating your home. You may be tempted to indulge and splurge from time to time but being prudent will save you a lot of regrets in the long run. Finding lamps and lighting solutions within your budget is not a very difficult task. You can even purchase lamps during offers and sale seasons and get the product you love for a much more affordable price. Cost of lamps depends on its material and style so you can find styles you love even within your budget whether there is a sale or not.

If you are shopping for lamps online in Dubai, Sharjah or anywhere in the UAE, Danube Home should be your number one choice. Lamps and lighting options like black lamps, gold lamps, white lamps, pink lamps, green lamps, silver lamps, ceramic lamps, glass lamps, metal lamps, you name it, Danube Home has it! Lamps online shopping can’t get easier than this. If you are lucky you might even come across attractive sales and offers on lamps and lighting whether you are lamps online shopping or shopping from the  Danube Home showroom.

Lamps - FAQ’s

How do I choose a lamp for my bedroom?

When choosing a lamp for your bedroom, you should first decide whether you are buying a lamp to enhance the ambience of your room or to perform a task like reading before bedtime. The lamp style and lighting will depend on this. If it is simply to enhance the ambience of the room, dim warm lights in small table lamps that can be kept on your bedside table is the best solution. For a more modern look, you can even find simple, low hanging ceiling lamps or wall mounted lamps. If you are someone who enjoys reading before bedtime, you will need a lamp that allows you to read without having to strain your eyes. You can look for lamps with adjustable necks or adjustable wall mounted lamp options that emit enough light to read. You also have the option of layering lights and adding mood lighting as well as reading lights provided you plan and have enough power connections by your bed.

What kind of lamps are in style?

Choosing a lamp is usually based on personal preferences and style, however there are a few lamp models that work beautifully with the décor of most homes while making a stunning style statement.

The tripod lamp: The tripod lamp is one that has been a favorite among interior designers and customers alike. The tripod floor lamp makes a great addition to homes that feature décor that is modern, contemporary, minimal and even industrial inspired. The tripod lamp comes in both floor and table lamp models and the iconic feature of the design is that it is a single lamp shade supported on three legs.

The tree lamp: The tree lamp is a lamp that features a central stand that branches out into multiple lamp shades in different directions. This kind of lamp is a great accent piece to have in any home whether it is as a floor lamp or as a table lamp. It is a décor piece in itself.

The adjustable lamp: These kinds of lamps feature a swing arm design that allows the neck of the lamp to be adjusted to suit your lighting needs. They may be floor lamps or table or desk lamps. This is great as a spot lighting solution.

What lamps give the most light?

The amount of light that a lamp emits depends on the color of the lamp shade, the shape of the lamp shade, the material of the lamp shade and the kind of bulb that can be used in the lamp. If the lamp shade is made of clear glass, it will disperse more light than a lamp that has a tinted black glass shade or one that features a colored or printed linen shade. Similarly, lamp shades with cutwork detailing will disperse light in certain patterns across the room. When it comes to kinds of lighting the most common lights used are either white light or warm light. Warm light is usually used to enhance the ambience of a room while white light is the closest thing to natural light. A floor lamp like a tripod lamp or torch lamp with the shade pointing upwards in a light colored room will light up most of the room due to the reflection of light from the ceiling. Usually, one kind of lamp is not sufficient to illuminate an entire room properly. You will have to opt for different kinds of lamps that are a mix of ambient lighting and task lighting in order to provide sufficient lighting across the room.

What is the best lamp for study room?

The best lamp for a study room should be compact with a neat design that will sit on your table without taking up too much space or compromising your work flow. Be sure to look out for the following when choosing a desk lamp for your study room:

- Quality of light: A desk lamp should provide bright and clear light. Look for LED’s with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) between 85 and 100 in order to see contrast better and true-to-life colors which are especially important if you are into a creative profession. Also pay attention to the warm or cool look of the light. A color temperature of 2700k to 4500k will be ideal.

- Adjustable neck: A desk lamp with an adjustable neck that can be adjusted to direct lighting to where you want without any glare is ideal for a study desk.

- Size: The right size of lamp ensures that you have ample light while working while preventing shadows. A clip on lamp will be best for a small desk and a larger desk should have a lamp with a longer arm that emits light in a wider area.

- The on/off switch: For ease of use and convenience, be mindful of how accessible the on and off switch of your lamp is.

The above tips will help you choose the best lamp for your study room.

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