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Dining Furniture

Buy The Best Dining Room Furniture From Danube Home!

If you are searching for the best dining room furniture in Muscat, Oman your search ends here. Danube Home offers a wide selection of amazing dining room furniture in designs, styles and colors that suit different home and personal aesthetics. You can purchase the best dining room furniture from Danube Home stores located in several parts of Oman or even shop for dining furniture online from the extremely user friendly and easy to navigate Danube Home website or mobile application.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when shopping for dining furniture or kitchen furniture in Muscat or anywhere in the world:

1) Check available space

When you decide to furnish your dining area, you should always start by measuring the space available. Based on this, you can decide all the items you want to accommodate in the space, whether it is just a dining table and chairs, or a hutch cabinet or sideboards too. If you have an open floor plan with your dining area close to an open kitchen, you should make sure you have enough space to accommodate your dining set in the space as well as decide on whether you want to opt for two, four, six or six plus seater dining set. Once you have checked available space, you can easily shop for the best dining furniture online or from store.

2) Do your research

Before buying dining furniture or furniture for any room in your home, it is very important to do your research, whether it is reading reviews or comparing the different options that are available. It is also very important to always shop from a trustworthy brand. There are several stores that sell modern dining room furniture and it is very easy to feel overwhelmed with the choices. You have to decide on what kind of dining furniture you want and also research on what material is the most durable, before making a purchase. A simple web search for “dining furniture in Muscat” will give you a list of the different players in the market and reviews for each of them. You may also be able to see dining furniture sales too.

3) Material of the dining furniture

Dining furniture is available in several different materials. The most common is wooden dining furniture. You can also find dining tables and chairs in a combination of materials like metal base, with wooden seats with fabric upholstery and acrylic table tops. Wooden dining furniture is considered most durable; however, you can also find stunning designs in polished metal and acrylic that will also stand the test of time effortlessly.

4) Type of dining furniture

Dining furniture or kitchen furniture in Muscat or in any region for that matter, may be of the following types:

- Dining sets: This will include dining table and dining chairs in a picture perfect package. They may come with 2, 4, 6 and 6+ seating capacity.

- Dining table: Dining tables may come in circular, square and rectangular shapes and in many different sizes too. You may also find extendable dining tables that can be pulled out to make more room if you were to have guests.

- Dining chairs: Dining chairs maybe wooden, acrylic, metal and with or without fabric upholstery. If you love the mix and match approach to design then you may prefer to buy dining table and dining chairs separately.

- Serving trolleys: If you wish to experience hotel –like luxury treatment at home, then serving trolleys are for you! They may feature two or three tiers and come with wheels that allow you to keep all your dishes and carry them all together to your dining table from the kitchen with ease.

- Cabinets and sideboards: Hutch cabinets and sideboards with storage are a great way to display your finest crockery and cutlery in style or to simply store away all your kitchen items when not in use.

You can buy all these different types of dining furniture online or in store from Danube Home!

5) Decide on your budget

Budget is another important factor to consider when shopping for modern dining room furniture. You will be able to find plenty of kitchen furniture in Muscat and anywhere in Oman from Danube Home at your budget. At Danube Home, dining room furniture prices start at OMR 6 and may go up to OMR 367 during dining furniture sale, which means you can easily find products that fit your budget. With the Danube Home loyalty program called Ahlan, you can even buy more and save more with the points earned. Download the Ahlan app to be the first to know about offers, dining furniture sale and shop for dining room furniture at the best prices from Danube Home.

Hope the above points help make shopping for dining furniture in Muscat, or anywhere in Oman easier for you.

You can order the best kitchen furniture in Muscat from the Danube Home website that delivers across all the emirates in Oman and some of the other regions in the GCC too! Whether you are looking for modern dining room furniture or you prefer more of a vintage or minimal aesthetic, Danube Home has something for everyone.

FAQ’s - Dinner

What Furniture Goes In A Dining Room?

While the dining table and chair is the main piece of furniture that makes a dining room a dining room, there are a few other types of furniture that could enhance the look of a dining room. When choosing furniture for your dining room, you should ensure that it perfectly matches the décor of the rest of your home, especially if your dining room is an area close to your living room. The colors and the aesthetics should not clash in an unpleasant manner. Apart from the dining table and chairs, another important piece of furniture that you can find in most well-designed homes, is the hutch cabinet or sideboard. This is a cabinet with lots of closed shelves that may or may not come with drawers too, depending on the design. This is usually used to showcase your finest crockery or cutlery and may even be used to keep beautiful décor items that help complete the look of the space. They may also be called a crockery shelf too.

How Do I Modernize My Dining Room Furniture?

If you feel like your dining room needs a style upgrade, there are several things you can do to spruce up the space. However, this depends on your budget too. Here are a few things you could try:

- For a quick, budget-friendly makeover, you may opt for colorful table linen like runners or placemats for your dining table that will instantly add an edge to the overall look of the space.

- Opting for upholstered benches on one side of your dining table instead of the traditional dining chair is also a great way to bring a unique design element to the space. Be sure to find an upholstered bench that complements the rest of your dining set.

- To bring more life to the dining space and the furniture placed there, you can play around with the décor elements in the space. Adding mirror wall décor, creating a gallery wall, or creating an accent wall using attractive wallpapers can all create a more modern feel to a traditional space.

- Placing stunning centerpieces on the dining table is also a surefire way to kick things up a notch. It could be anything from a beautifully designed candle stand, to an elegant bouquet of flowers.

- If you do have a bigger budget for a dining room upgrade, you may also reupholster your dining chairs or buy all new dining chairs in a different shade that matches the dining table and the rest of your décor. Velvet upholstery in deep blue, emerald green, mauve, and ash are all the rage when it comes to modern décor. You can even opt for print or patterns if you’re feeling adventurous.

What's Trending In Dining Rooms?

Here are some of the latest dining room trends you can try:

- Mix and match

Mixing and matching dining chairs around your dining table is a trend that’s here to stay all through 2021 and maybe even after. There’s a lot of creative freedom with this style as long as you make sure that all the chairs are of the same height. You can opt for either similar style of chair in contrasting colors, follow a similar color palette in different styles or simply pick and choose the chairs you love.

- Aesthetic fusions

In the past it was all about following a single design aesthetic across the room. Now, you can actually get away with combining two different aesthetics to create a cohesive, well put together look. Pair modern dining chairs with a rustic dining table to create a dining space that offers the best of both worlds – the traditional and the modern!

- Elaborate dining tables

While dining chairs have been garnering the most attention in the past, the latest trend involves giving dining tables a style makeover. You can now find ornate dining tables that feature stunning design details on the legs in polished gold or silver metal that are sure to steal the show.

How Do I Choose The Right Dining Furniture Online?

Here’s how you can choose the right dining furniture online:

- Measure

When buying furniture online or in-store, the first, most important thing to do is measure the space you have for the furniture you are planning to buy. Measure your dining space carefully and decide the measurement of the dining table you can accommodate in the space. Round dining tables are better for smaller spaces while larger spaces should easily be able to accommodate square or rectangular dining tables with 4 or more chairs. When you choose the product online, you can cross check the measurements specified in the product description, with the available space and make a decision.

- Compare

Shopping online gives you the added advantage of being able to go through thousands of products from different brands on your screen. While this is an advantage, the vast number of choices may be quite overwhelming too. You have to compare and read reviews about the different products available before making a purchase. It is always better to go with a brand that specializes in furniture than an online marketplace as brands that are committed to home interior and furnishing will almost always be more trustable. Besides, if an issue were to arise, such brands will always have a hassle free return process.

- Budget

Budget is an important aspect when shopping for any item. Be sure to decide on a budget and stick to it. With the many options available for dining furniture online, you will be able to find the best option within your budget too. You can also be on the lookout for seasonal sales and discounts to get the best deal on dining furniture.

What Is The Cost Of Luxury Dining Furniture?

Luxury dining furniture at Danube Home can cost you anywhere between OMR 420 to OMR 576. However, during sales, you can find the most luxurious 6 seater dining sets online for as low as OMR 367. However, luxury isn’t always about the price tag. You can find products that look rich, plush and extravagant at budget friendly prices too. Check out the many luxurious dining furniture options at Danube Home.

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