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Dining Set

Buy The Best Dining Sets In The Qatar At Danube Home!

The dining area of a home represents the place where everyone comes together and shares a meal and bonds over the experiences of the day-it’s a place of comfort, joy and nutrition. Choosing the right dining set, therefore, plays an important part in creating that comfortable, happy space. With a plethora of dining table sets to choose from, featuring various styles, designs, materials, shapes, and sizes, it may be confusing to pick what suits your home best, which is why we’ve collated a list of factors to help you pick the right dining set for you.If you are looking for dining sets in Doha, Qatar, look no further than Danube Home. From cozy two-seater dining table sets perfect for intimate meals to expansive dining table sets designed for large gatherings, the options are diverse. Enjoy browsing through our versatile range of dining sets online or in-store from our various outlets spread across Qatar.

Things To Look For While Buying A Dining Set:


Dining table sets are made of materials that range from hardwood to engineered wood. Engineered wood options include the likes of MDF (medium density fiberboard) and plywood, among others, while solid wood options include teakwood, mahogany, oak etc. Engineered wood options tend to be more durable, while hardwood options tend to be heavier but more long-lasting. In addition to these dining table options; plastic and metal options are also available.


Popularly, dining table sets are square, rectangular, or circular-shaped. Each shape has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, rectangular dining table sets are a great fit for larger and more formal rooms, while square dining table sets are better alternatives for smaller rooms. Circular tables are by far the best option for smaller dining spaces, and carry a cozier, more intimate feel as well.


On an average, a height of about 30 inches is considered ideal for a dining table. When choosing your dining table set, you want to make sure that you have left enough leg room and that the tabletop is placed at a distance that is in proper alignment with the shoulders and hands. The width of your table would depend on the number of people you seek to accommodate, which can range anywhere between 48-96 inches.


Choosing to mix and match your chairs in order to complete your dining set is a great idea because of the availability of options in terms of design, style, material and texture. Among the various options, armless chairs are the most popular style, as they provide the option to slide in easily and without hassle.

Alternatively, chairs with arms are a good option for those seeking arm support, especially the elderly. Another seating option that has gained popularity over the years is benches. They can be stashed away with ease, which greatly helps with saving space, and lends a chic, aesthetic look to the overall space.

FAQs- Dining Sets

Q. How Much Space Is Needed For A Dining Table And Chairs?

A. In order to ascertain the right amount of the space that you would require for a dining table and chairs, certain factors need to be kept in mind such as the shape of the dining table (round, square, rectangle), proportions as well as maintaining enough space to allow footfall and flow around the dining area. Further considerations also include ascertaining how many people you would like to seat, based on the amount of space available.

Q. How Do You Match A Dining Table And Chairs?

A. While matching a dining table and its chairs may seem like a good idea, it is often recommended to mix and match to maintain the overall aesthetic of your dining space over matching. Some suggestions for picking the right match of chairs for your dining tables include:

- Aim to find a good balance of textures, designs, shapes and sizes and try to avoid homogeneity, as it can become too heavy visually.

- One of the many advantages of mixing and matching your chairs is that you can choose how many you want on display at a certain time, while still maintaining the visual appeal of a combination of many different textures, designs and colors.

Q. What Shape Table Is Best For Small Spaces?

A. It is generally agreed that square and round shaped tables are the best for smaller spaces. Extendable tables are also a great option for those interested in something that offers them great stability. These usually come in the form of circular tables that extend outwards to form oval tables, or square tables that extend to take on a rectangular shape.

Q. How To Choose The Right Dining Table Set?

Buying a dining table set is a significant decision, which should include a couple of considerations in order to make an optimal decision:

-Size: While deciding on your choice of dining table, it’s important to factor in the space available to you, in order to achieve the right balance. It is recommended to ensure a space of at least 70-90 cm from the edge of the dining table, to accommodate smooth and bump-free traffic flow, and accommodate door openings, walls, etc.

- Shape: Dining tables usually come in three popular shapes- rectangular, circular and square. Rectangular tables are great for more formal and spacious settings, and have the ability to draw attention and focus in a room. Circular tables, on the other hand, are great for smaller, more cozy spaces, as they do not take up as much space as their rectangular counterparts. Square tables too work well in smaller spaces, and add to the aesthetic appeal of a square room.

- Chairs: Mixing and matching furniture is all the rage now, and that extends to dining sets as well. Experimenting with different styles of chairs can also help you pick something different in terms of not only design but also texture. It also helps in personalizing your furniture and adding a nice touch to it. Do keep in mind that it is recommended to keep at least 28-30 cm of space between your tabletop and chair seat. While picking out chairs that are different from your dining table, make sure that your account and measure for space so that your chairs fit under the table.

Q. Which Is Better- Round Or Rectangular Dining Table Set?

A. As incredibly popular dining table set options, both round and rectangular tables are highly sought after. It isn’t that any one type of shape is categorically better, but there definitely do exist certain points of difference between the two that pose certain advantages and disadvantages and the best choice for you would be one that keeps in mind the following factors:

- Capacity: In terms of ability to accommodate more people, rectangular tables definitely fare better than round tables.

- Position: An advantage that circular tables have that rectangular tables don’t have is the fact that due to their shape, circular tables encourage an equal flow of seating individuals, which follows more of a hierarchal pattern in rectangular tables.

- Corners: The corners on rectangular tables tend to be sharper and can cause injury, while circular tables don’t have that concern, which can be a major consideration for those with toddlers.

Q. What Is The Best Size For A Dining Table Set?

A. Naturally, the best size for a dining table set differs for everyone based on factors like preference, space, design, etc. However, a size guide and the average number of people accommodated by different sizes of circular dining table sets are as follows:

Size (diameter) Number of people seated
4 ft/121cm/48 inches 4
5 ft/152cm/60 inches 6
6 ft/182cm/72 inches 6
8 ft/243cm/96 inches and above 8-10

Alternatively, if you decide to opt for a square dining table set, refer to the following size guide:

Side length Number of people seated
2 ft 6 inches 2
3 ft/36 inches 4
4-5 ft/48-60 inches 4-6
8ft/96 inches and above 8-12

And, if you decide to opt for a rectangular dining table, have a look at the following size guide:

Length Width Number of people seated
3 ft 6 inches 2 ft 6 inches 2
5 ft 2 ft 6 inches 4-6
6 ft 3 ft 6-8
8-10 ft 3ft 6 inches-4 ft 6 inches 8-12

Q. Do Round Dining Table Sets Save Space?

A. On an average, round dining tables do tend to save space as compared to their rectangular counterparts, for a number of reasons.

- Round tables do not have corners, which allows them to accommodate more individuals as compared to square and rectangular tables.

- They work well in both formal settings as well as dining rooms with more open floor plans, and encourage smooth and easy flow of traffic.

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