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Furniture for Living Room

Nothing spells comfort and solace like cozying up in your living room with the best living room furniture and streaming your favorite movie with a bowl of buttery popcorn. It is a central space which serves many purposes, like hosting friends and family, working, etc., and it is easily one of the rooms of the house where one can tend to spend a lot of time, and it’s only fair that it gets the attention and care it deserves, in a way that balances functionality with aesthetic appeal. With that being said, here are some tips to help you craft your dream living room. Read on!

Living room furniture decor tips and trends

- Sectional sofas: A trend that’s here to stay, modern sectional sofas are a great way to combine aesthetics with functionality. While they work with all kinds of spaces, they are particularly good options for smaller spaces, for instance, L-shaped sofas are the perfect solution to incorporate seating in a small living room while leaving enough space to add more furniture or decor.

- Coffee tables: Another trend that has seen increasing popularity over the years is that of adding coffee tables to your living room, especially ones made with metal/metallic overtones, particularly gold, bronze and silver. A great way to blend practicality with design.

- Console tables: Looking to make your living room more guest-friendly? Console tables are the way to go. Place one in your hallway along with a pretty bowl filled with sweet treats or refreshments and an elegant vase or another decor piece, and there you have it!

- Gallery wall: We love the concept of full-wall gallery walls to display your collections, pictures, art, and anything you cherish and is an important part of your story. After all, your home is your space to express yourself and what better way to tell a story than through a picture?

- Go natural: Rattans, jute, hemp, etc., are popular materials used in living room furniture, especially with an increased focus on sustainability as well as neutral tones. Opting for a natural look in your living room is definitely in trend and will help give your space an organic feel.

Living room essentials and buying considerations


Arguably one of the most pivotal pieces in a modern living room space, sofas require a lot of thought and consideration. Ideal qualities for a sofa set in your home include durability, comfort, seating space, as well as something that reflects your personal style and is a good match with your home interior.

Coffee tables

Fun and functional conversational centerpieces, coffee tables are a great addition to any living room space. Ideal for placing your magazines, drinks and snacks and display items, coffee tables can make a great living room decor piece, if chosen well. Some considerations while choosing a coffee table include choice of material (wood, glass, metal), height, space, design and color. At Danube Home, we offer a wide selection of coffee tables to pick from, featuring contemporary as well as classic designs. While deciding on the material of your coffee table, consider that darker colors and materials such as engineered wood (rosewood, mahogany), suit rooms that have a more traditional theme, while coffee tables made with glass, acrylic and stone work well in modern living rooms. Based on the size of your living room as well as space available, you could opt for a rectangular, round or oval coffee table.

Choosing the Right Console Table

Redefine your living room with a classy and chic console table, extremely versatile and multifunctional decor options for your home. Ranging from their usage as functional spaces to display home decor items, prized antiques, lamps, plants, as well as for storage and any accessories of your choice, console tables are the way to go. Moreover, since they are compact, you can enjoy the added benefit of accommodating them in smaller spaces as well. Console tables come in different designs and functionalities, including console tables for living rooms with mirrors, drawers as well as shelves.

Get Organized with Book Cases and Dividers

Whether your book collection is expansive and includes an array of your favorite authors and titles, or simply includes an assortment of magazines and other small items,  book cases are a great way of displaying your items. Certain considerations like size, design, material as well as your preference of displaying/not displaying your books can be kept in mind before you zero in on your book case of choice. While factoring in considerations of size, it would be useful to measure the amount of space in which you would like to accommodate your bookcase, and if you choose to opt for fixed shelving, it is important to measure shelf space. Additionally, depending upon whether you would like to display your books and other mementos such as photo frames and decor items, or not, you can choose between book cases with or without doors.

Blend Style and Functionality with End Tables

Aesthetic and functional,  end tables are a great way to blend decor with usability, which makes them a great purchase, especially for a living room space. They also make great complements to your coffee table, if you have one. If you’re looking for an item that is sure to add an extra dash of chic and style to your living room, an end table is a great idea. End tables come in a variety of designs as well as materials, including wood, melamine, MDF (medium density fiberboard), iron, glass, etc. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary option, something more classic, or a chic, quirky design, you’re going to find yourself spoiled for choice with the finest selection of designs for the best prices at Danube Home.

Redefine Entertainment with TV Media Units

TV units in living rooms are synonymous with entertainment and relaxation, and are quite significant in deciding the overall aesthetic and functionality of a living room, and TV media units and cabinets are often great for providing a good frame and support unit for TVs and space for supporting accessories like decor pieces. As an essential part of living room furniture, TV units double as great storage options; ranging from decor items such as vases and showpieces, books and magazines, as well as sound systems and other electronic accessories.

Find the Best Wall Shelves for your Living room at Danube Home Online

Ideal for placing books, decor pieces and movies, shelves are a fantastic way of incorporating functionality with aesthetic appeal. A great way of using space in an effective and efficient manner, shelves come in various styles and materials, including built-in shelves, floating shelves, corner shelves, and so on. Whether you’re looking to display your favorite photo frames or place lovely little plant decorations to up the greenery quotient, or simply display a thoughtful quote, shelves are the solution you need.

Shop for Shoe Cabinets for your living room at the best prices!

As one of the first items to be encountered by anyone entering the house,  shoe cabinets are important pieces of decor, designed to neatly organize shoes of all kinds in a manner that does not allow for clutter to ruin the aesthetic of your home. And, like any other piece of living room furniture, they do not have to be limited to their function-they can serve a decorative appeal as well. Shoe cabinets primarily tend to be closed-door and old-style, which definitely makes for a neat and tidy look, but they can also be a combination of open and closed-style, and keeping certain factors in mind before making a purchase can be helpful.

These include storage space, space available, the number of racks/shelves you require depending on how much footwear you’re planning to store, as well as height, because you don’t want your shoes to be placed too high and be inaccessible. Additionally, you can also shop contemporary, adjustable shoe racks featuring dividers to store shoes in a compact manner. The most common material for shoe racks/cabinets is wood, and remains a top choice due to its versatility and ability to blend in with a variety of backgrounds and themes. Another common material used in shoe cabinets is metal, which tends to be a sturdy and durable option as well.

Find the best living room furniture in the UAE at great prices, only at Danube Home!

So, there you have it. Decorating one of the most central rooms in a home isn’t an easy task, but it sure can be made fun! Shop for the best living room furniture solutions at Danube Home in our stores spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah and craft the living room of your dreams.

FAQs- Living room

Q. What furniture do you need in a living room?

A. With an array of furniture options to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to decide upon how to furnish your living room space. Worry not, for we have rounded up a list of essentials to guide you through the process:

- Sofa: One of the most central pieces of living room furniture, it is often a good idea to first decide upon the right  sofa/ sofa sets for your living room. For tips on choosing the best sofa for your living room, refer to our guide for buying sofas (suggestion)

- Coffee Table: Another important buy for your living room, a  coffee table would help bring your space together centrally and hold everything from decor items to your coffee (obviously), as well as any other drinks, snacks or magazines.

- End Table: Often a complement to the coffee table, an  end table is a great multifunctional living room furnishing, and can accommodate everything from your lamps to small plants and other odds and ends.

- Recliners:  Recliners are great options for increasing seating space in your living room, as well as for relaxing and kicking back at the end of a long day, or simply curling up on to watch a movie or read a book.

- TV media units: Entertainment is almost synonymous with living rooms, and TVs are often the heart of living rooms, so choosing a  TV media unit that blends in well with the theme and decor of your living room is recommended.

Q. What's trending in living room furniture?

As one of the most central rooms in your home, it is only natural to want to ensure that your living room features decor, themes and designs that are trendy and in fashion. We at Danube Home completely resonate with that and have rounded up some of the latest as well as evergreen trends in living room furniture in order to guide you through the decorating process.

- Natural themes: A popular decor trend, going natural with soft earth-toned furniture and design is an interesting option, especially if your taste leans more towards softer, more neutral and organic palettes. Incorporate some greenery in your space as well as decor items made of rattan and other natural derivatives.

- Wallpapers: Wallpapers have been a hugely popular trend in living room decor, with classic floral designs making a comeback.

- Sectioning: Compartmentalizing your living room space into different functional areas; such as a seating space, work space, etc., is a design hack that balances aesthetics with functionality.

Q. How can I make my living room more luxurious?

If you’re on the lookout for ways to make your living room look more luxurious and lavish, you can do that without having to splurge on copious amounts of money. Here’s how:

- Oversized art: A tried-and-tested way to set your living room apart is with a large statement art piece for your walls, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either! Scouting for secondhand art online or in stores can help you get the perfect piece.

- Invest in unique textiles: Another way to add an edge to your living room aesthetics is by throwing in vintage cloths (pillowcases, throws, etc.), which helps create a visually appealing balance.

- Lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in determining the look and feel of your living room. To add a dash of elegance and élan to your living room, try incorporating  pendant lights, or simply even rearranging existing fixtures.

Q. How do I buy furniture for my living room?

To figure out your living room furniture buys:

- Start by planning the layout of your living room, and measuring the dimensions of your room (including doorways).

- Next, ascertain the different functions you would like your living room to have. Then, start with the basics. This includes your sofa, coffee table, side table(s), recliners, and any other essential pieces. While purchasing your essentials, it is important to invest in quality pieces to ensure longevity.

- Consider the fabric and upholstery of your furniture, especially if you happen to have children and/or pets. You might want to go for stain-resistant fabrics in that case. Similarly, if you happen to have a lot of sunlight exposure in your living room, investing in fade-resistant fabrics is good idea as well.

- Decide on a theme: Popular living room themes to choose from include rustic, country, contemporary, minimalist, Mediterranean, and so on. Furniture should ideally be in line with the theme of your living room.

Q. How do you put furniture in a living room?

Arranging your furniture, decor and accessories to create the living room of your dreams isn’t an easy task, but keeping certain considerations in mind will help you design an aesthetically pleasing, multifunctional living room space:

- Envision and designate a focal point: The focal point of your living room can be either naturally occurring-for instance, if you have a large window, and if that isn’t the case, you might need to create one for yourself by adding a TV cabinet, or by way of an accent wall or artwork. Everything else in your living room can now be centered and flow around this focal point.

- Next up, your main sofa can be placed facing the wall that where your TV unit is located, and we recommend no more than 8 to 12 feet of distance between your viewing area and your TV unit, and your recliners/chairs can be placed on either side of your sofa, with adequate distance between them to enable enough space to walk by. If you have a coffee table, place it in the center of your sofa arrangement.

- Once your main seating area has been placed around the focal point, you can decide on where you want other furnishings such as end tables, side tables, and ottomans to be placed. They usually go well in the spaces between your sofas.

- Figure out your lighting, since that plays a huge role in how large or small your living room looks. Ensure a good mix of side/ table lamps and overhead lighting, as well as natural light.

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