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Home Fragrances Online 

Buy the best home fragrance Dubai from Danube Home!

Refreshing aromas and scents help impart a wonderful feel to your home. It sets the ambiance of the space and may even help you feel better and healthier by alleviating stress. If you are looking for the best home fragrance in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE, your search ends here! Danube Home offers a host of amazing home fragrance options that will not just fill your home with the most beautiful aroma but also add to the aesthetic appeal.

The best home fragrance is one that smells pleasant and will last long. There are different kinds of home fragrances that you can find. From home fragrance sprays or air fresheners, to traditional Middle Eastern fragrances like the Bakhoor burner, to scented candles and diffusers, there are a wide range of home fragrances available for you to choose from. You can buy the best home fragrance products from Danube Home.

There are several types of home fragrance products available in the market. Here are some of the home fragrance items you can find in Danube Home:

- Scented candles: You can find a variety of candles in several amazing aromas available in different designs and styles. Most of the candles come in beautifully designed  candle holders made of different materials like tempered heat resistant glass, metal and others.

- Car Fragrances: Apart from home fragrance, Danube Home also has car fragrances to keep your car smelling fresh at all times.

- Diffusers: Another delightful home fragrance item are diffusers that give a charming look to the space while imparting glorious scents that fill the space. You can find diffusers with reed or rattan sticks that look almost like a décor piece when kept on a stand in your  living room , dining room,  bedroom or even bathroom.

- Fragrance Oils: Fragrance oils are highly versatile and can be used in a number of ways. We recommend using it in a diffuser to keep your home smelling wonderful all day, every day. If you love a luxury home fragrance, fragrance oils are a must-have in your home.

- Bakhoor: Bakhoor is a fragrance that is widely used in the Middle East. They are made of natural materials soaked in fragrant oils and other natural ingredients to give it a beautiful scent when burnt.

- Aroma Diffuser & Humidifiers: This category includes diffusers that impart the most spectacular aromas as well as humidifiers and air purifiers that are a must-have in any home. Simply add your favorite aroma oil in the aroma diffuser to keep your home smelling divine. Luxury home fragrances like the Arabian Oud is much sought after and you can’t go wrong if you add a few drops of this scent in your aroma diffuser.

- House fragrance spray: You can find the best home fragrance spray at Danube Home. Shop for home fragrance online or from any Danube Home showroom across the UAE. A quick spritz of a room fragrance spray or air freshener is all you need to get rid of odor in any room in your home whether it is your living room, bedroom or bathroom. Choosing the best home fragrance spray is a very personal choice as different scents appeal to different people. You can find house fragrance sprays in a wide range of scents ranging from floral, to fruity to subtle scents like lavender and fresh scents like lemon grass. You can explore different room fragrance spray scents and find one that you like best.

- Burners: Burners are used to burn incense, bakhoor or essential oils and are a great addition to any home décor. Some of them are so beautifully designed that they can even be used as a décor piece or even be gifted to family or friends during special occasions.

Shop for the best home fragrance products online from Danube Home! You can easily choose from the different kinds of home fragrance products available and choose one that best suits your taste and your home. Buying home fragrance online may be a little challenging as you are unable to try the smell before purchase, however, with detailed product descriptions, your purchase decision may get easier. You can also buy home fragrance during home fragrance sales that allow you to get unbelievable discounts on these products. You may get offers like buy 1 get 1 free or very good discounts during which you could sample the different home fragrances and settle on the one that you love most.

Buying home fragrance products in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere in the UAE is easy and convenient if you shop from Danube Home.

Home Fregrance - FAQ’s

Does home fragrance work for more than 24 hours in the room?

The amount of time a home fragrance lasts in the room depends largely on the type of home fragrance product used, frequency of use, as well as the size of the room. If you choose an air freshener that automatically spritzes scent at regular intervals, your room will continue to smell wonderful as long as the spray lasts in the freshener. If you invest in an aroma diffuser or humidifier, adding water with a few drops of aroma oil and keeping the diffuser or humidifier on will keep your room smelling nice and fresh all day long. You can always refill the water and oil solution when it evaporates making it quite an economical buy. Scented candles are a good choice when you wish to have a subtle aroma in your home. The fragrance lingers in the air for at least a few hours even after you blow out the candle, depending on the intensity of the scent and the amount of time the candle was lit. You can try out different type of home fragrance products and choose the one that best works for your home.

Which is the best home fragrance to buy?

While the best home fragrance is a personal choice based on individual tastes and preferences, here’s a quick guide to what kind of scents best suits each room in your home:

- For your kitchen: Opt for citrusy scents like lemon, lime, tangerine, or grapefruit that are fresh and help in neutralizing any bad smells.

- For your bedroom: Opt for soothing scents like lavender, vanilla or sandalwood that create the perfect environment for sleep and relaxation.

- For your living room: For a clean and fresh feel, opt for scents like green apple, grapefruit or pomegranate. Ginger, blackberry and cardamom are also interesting scents you can try out for your shared living space.

- For your bathroom: For a spa like experience every time you enter your bathroom, choose calming scents like peppermint or eucalyptus. You can also bring in beach vibes with sea salt or seaweed scents.

What is the price of home fragrance in Dubai?

The price of home fragrance in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE varies from product to product. There are several types of home fragrance products available like scented candles, bakhoor burners, incense sticks, diffusers, fragrance oils, fragrance sprays and more. The cost of these products could range anywhere between AED 10 for the scented candles, diffusers and other home fragrances, up to AED 1500 for the industrial diffuser variants. However, you may be able to buy these products at much lower prices during seasonal sales and discounts.

What are the best home fragrance products?

With the many types of home fragrance products available in the market, it may be challenging to choose the type of home fragrance you’ll need for your home. You can either go for the trial and error method or follow this quick and easy guideline to make your buying decision:

- Scented candles: Scented candles effortlessly change and enhance the vibe of any space in your home be it your living room, bedroom or even bathroom. Besides, scented candles are easy on your pocket and come in a wide range of fragrances that you can choose from. However, the scent intensity may be lesser than other home fragrance products and you have to be especially careful about where you place them in your home. It may not be an ideal choice for homes with young children or pets.

- Electric fragrance diffusers: Add water and essential oil in such diffusers and the heat will cause the oil to evaporate and diffuse its pleasant aroma across the room. The scent intensity will be more than that of a scented candle and are much safer for use in homes with kids. Such diffusers have to be placed near a power socket as it functions on electricity.

- Burners: Burners have a slot to keep the tea lights or candles and to pour essential oil above it. The heat from the tea light or the candle heats up the essential oil to fill the room with a pleasant aroma. Burners usually take a little longer to heat up and diffuse the scent but can be kept anywhere as they do not use electricity to heat the oil. However, burners are also not recommended for homes with kids or pets.

- Reed or Rattan Fragrance Diffusers: These are most suitable for small spaces like your bathroom as the scent intensity is relatively lesser and it takes roughly about an hour to diffuse the scent.

- Home Fragrance sprays: Fragrance sprays or air fresheners are a must-have in any home. They are the quickest and easiest way to get rid of bad odor in any area in your home. The intensity of the scent will depend on the amount of spray used.

How to choose best home fragrance online?

Shopping for home fragrances can be challenging as you’re unable to sniff and check whether you like the scent or not.

Here are a few factors that might make home fragrance shopping online a little easier:

- Read all available information: When shopping for home fragrances online, be sure to read the product descriptions that will have information about what kind of scent it is. Usually, every home fragrance store online will provide information about the main scent notes and other details of the fragrance. Look for words like floral, citrus, woody etc. to get an idea.

- Draw inspiration from nature: All scents are inspired by the different scents that you may find around you. If you like the smell of jasmine flowers, there’s a high chance you may prefer floral scents. If you like the smell of strawberries and watermelons, you may be drawn to fruity scents. If you enjoy the smell of wood and deeper scents, you may enjoy woody or musky scents. Looking for these words in the product description can give you a fair idea about the scent and whether you will like it.

- Check for minis: In case you are not sure about a particular scent, you can check if there are mini options which you can try out before buying a full size product.

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