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Furniture in Bahrain

Buying furniture in Bahrain is undoubtedly an exciting yet challenging task, whether you’re a new homeowner searching for home furniture or planning to set up a home office with comfortable office furniture. With endless options to choose from, ensuring it fits everything in your budget while complementing your design and décor can be confusing. But why exhaust yourself by poring over a plethora of furniture options when you can browse through an extensive range of quality furniture from the comfort of your home? At Danube Home, enjoy a seamless online shopping experience while choosing from the most elegant and exciting furniture options for your home.

Tips For Choosing Furniture

Start with the basics:

If you’re looking to furnish your home from scratch, it’s a good idea to start by purchasing your staple home furniture, such as bedroom furniture like a bed frame and mattress, living room furniture such as a sofa and TV units, dining room furniture like a dining set including dining tables and chairs, and so on. Then, you can fill in your rooms and add more layers and intricacies.

Size it up:

The key to planning out the right furniture for your home lies in measuring your space. Get an idea of the shapes and sizes of your rooms, and be sure to make note of the furniture dimensions that you are aiming to purchase to ensure they correspond with the dimensions of your rooms.

Theme and style:

While planning out your furniture buys, envision the theme and feel that you’d like your space to have. Popular themes to choose from include modern or contemporary, country or rustic, traditional or old-fashioned, minimalist and bespoke.

Choose high quality furniture

Furniture is a long-term investment, and you don’t want to spend a sizable amount of your budget on furniture that only lasts for so long before giving in, which is why it is important to ensure that your furniture is of good quality. While ascertaining the quality of furniture, look out for features such as warranty, finish, weight and material.

Tips For Arranging Furniture

Choose a focal point:

The focal point of a room tends to be the attention grabber of the room, the area that ones’ eyes tend to gravitate towards when one walks into the room. It is good to start with designating a focal point to arrange your furniture around. The focal point of your room can be an accent wallpaper, an entertainment center unit, or even a significant piece of artwork.

Placement at appropriate distances:

While arranging furniture in your living room, for instance, ensure that your coffee table is at an arms’ length from your sofas/chairs, while leaving enough leg room and space for traffic to flow.

Mix and match

While arranging furniture, you want to avoid over-uniformity, with respect to design, color and theme as well as with respect to shape and size. And, it is also important to ensure that you don’t club too much of the same shapes and sizes of furniture together, but rather intersperse larger pieces of furniture with smaller pieces, like juxtaposing a large sectional sofa with a smaller end tablee and a coffee table.

Furnishing the home of your dreams is an exciting experience, so make sure to enjoy it, and as long as you follow these tips, we are sure you will! Give your home the furnishings it deserves. Explore our stores in Bahrain, located in Salmabad and Manama, and discover an array of options that will leave you spoiled for choice, all offered at unbeatable prices!

FAQs- Furniture

Q. What Should I Look For When Buying Furniture?

Buying furniture is a significant investment of not only money but also time, and effort, and keeping certain factors in mind while buying furniture include the following:

- Dimensions: In order to choose the right furniture for your home, it is important to ensure that you plan your space out properly, which involves making sure that you have all your measurements sorted. This includes measuring your doorways and hallways, as well as elevator dimensions (if you live in a building). Be sure to measure the height, width and depth of your furniture.

- Theme and design: Another important aspect of buying furniture is envisioning how you want your room to look like, and selecting furniture based on that. Factors including material, color and design of the furniture should ideally complement the theme of the room(s) you are seeking to furnish.

- Lifestyle (children and pets): If you happen to have children or pets, you’d want to buy furniture that safeguards against spills, stains, fur, crumbs, etc. Fabrics to aim for include tightly woven patterns and textures, as well as darker colors, and fabrics to avoid include velvet and silk.

- Maintenance: While choosing and buying furniture, ensure that you’re fully aware of the level of maintenance you’re looking to put in. High-end wood furniture, for instance, tends to require a significant level of care and maintenance depending upon factors such as finish, while low maintenance furniture may not require the same level of care and maintenance.

Q. Is It Good To Buy Furniture Online?

Buying furniture online presents many benefits, which include the following:

- A smooth shopping experience as you can explore a range of furniture from the comfort of your home, without having to visit multiple stores physically.

- A wider range of home furniture options to choose from, as compared to the in-person shopping experience.

- More often than not, much better discounts than in-store prices, as well as possible free shipping. What’s more, at Danube Home, you qualify for free shipping when you spend more than BHD 20!

Q. What Furniture Types Are Available On Danube Home?

A. Danube Home offers an impressive collection of furniture across multiple categories including:

Sofas Sofa sets, three-seater sofas, two-seater sofas, one-seater sofas, sofa beds, corner sofas and recliners
Living room Coffee tables, end tables, console tables, TV and media units, book cases and dividers, shoe cabinets, wall shelves and organisers
Beds Bedroom sets, king size beds and queen size beds
Wardrobes Swing door wardrobes and sliding door wardrobes
Bedroom storage Bedside tables, dressing and mirrors and chest of drawers
Mattresses Single bed, queen bed, king bed, toppers and protectors
Dining Dining set, dining chairs, dining table, serving trolleys, cabinets and sideboards
Seating Bean bags, café chairs and ottomans
Kids furniture Kids beds, kids’ accessories, kids wardrobe
Office furniture Office chairs, office desks

Q. How Can I Get Discounted Furniture?

- Shop online: One of the biggest advantages to online shopping is, often, being able to avail better discounts on home furniture that are not available in stores.

- Garage sales, yard sales and flea markets: A great way to get your hands on some pre-loved furniture at a discounted price, yard and garage sales are a good option for those seeking to save on money while still being able to purchase quality furniture.

- Retouch and reupholster: If you’re looking to revamp your furniture on a budget, you can opt to retouch and reupholster your fabrics and make smaller modifications like changing your pillow covers and carpet rugs.

Q. How Can You Tell If Furniture Is Good Quality?

Furniture tends to be a long-term investment usually, which means you want to ensure that what you’re buying will last at least a couple of years and that you’re getting value for your money’s worth. Here are a few ways to verify if furniture is of good quality and standing:

- Warranty: Well-made furniture for long term usage is best purchased with a warranty, which is usually a mark of reliability and trustworthiness.

- Finish: The finer details can make or break the overall look of your home, which is why it is a good idea to pay attention to the finishing of the furniture you’re purchasing, including details such as wood finish or the detailing on the fabric, as it tends to be an accurate reflection of the quality of the piece.

- Weight: The heaviness of a furniture piece does not directly correlate with its quality, and it isn’t to say that high quality furniture is heavy and low-quality furniture is lightweight and flimsy, but it definitely is to say that the closer a piece of furniture weighs to how it looks, the more likely it is for it to be of better quality.

Q. How To Choose Furniture Style?

Gaining inspiration for the right style of furniture for your home is a big decision, given that furniture tends to be a long-term purchase, which is why the theme and style of the furniture you choose must be a well-thought out-decision. Common furniture styles broadly include:

Casual- timeless, easygoing, neutral tones.

Modern or contemporary- fluid, nonconforming, geometric form, open space, glass, chrome, abstract accessories.

Country or rustic- Warm décor, wood, vintage-inspired, organic appeal.

Old-fashioned or traditional- French and English styles, Baroque, Rococo, Romantic and Neoclassical.

Bespoke- Individualized, customized.

Minimalist- Bare necessities, functionality, flat, monochromatic.

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