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Wall Shelves

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Wall Mounted Shelves

Shop for Wall Shelves in Bahrain

Wall shelves are a smart addition to your living space. A wall shelf is a horizontal and flat plane on which items are placed for display at home, office, and stores.

These wall shelves come in many different varieties for elevating the ambiance and aesthetics of your home along with their multiple functionalities. A wall shelf is best suited as part of the living room furniture. However, it is also used in many hallways & bedrooms for storage and décor purposes. Wall shelves are ideal for placing books, décor pieces, and movies. It provides ample space for storing your essentials and also helps organize your items and keep the home neat.

Some of the different types of wall shelves made available to you include - Fixed-bracket Wall Shelves: This is a common type of wall shelf that has brackets fixed to the wall or any vertical surface. These wall shelves are versatile. They are available in different materials such as metal, wood, and plastic and come in different styles too.

Floating Wall Shelves: This is the most elegant type of wall shelf made available to customers. Unlike the fixed bracket wall shelf, the screws and nails attached to the shelf are not visible on the floating wall shelves. These floating wall shelves are made of engineered wood, which gives them a fancy and sophisticated finish.

Corner Wall Shelf: Corner wall shelves help in the maximum utilization of the space in your house for storage. It helps convert any idle space in your home into a storage spot. There are various types of corner wall shelves, including right-angled corner shelves, curved corner shelves, and angular corner shelves.

The other common types of wall shelves include hanging wall shelves, glass wall shelves, wooden wall shelves, and much more. Pick an ideal wall shelf for your living space from the wide collection of wall shelves in Bahrain, sold by Danube Home.

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