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End Tables

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End Tables In Bahrain

Purchase End Tables Online from Danube Home.

Add a functional and aesthetic end table to elevate the ambience of your interiors. Essential for small living spaces, end tables, also known as side tables, provide convenience without taking up too much room. Choose side tables that blend well with the pattern, design, and color of your other living room furniture for the perfect balance.

Danube Home provides an extensive selection of side tables available in a variety of shapes, including round end tables and square end tables, and we offer a wide range of modern, classic, and contemporary side tables for convenience and comfort. Listed below are a few hot-selling end tables from our diverse collection of end tables.

Glass End Table:

A glass end table has a sleek minimalist look, with a transparent glass surface supported by either metal or wooden legs. They ensure it blends seamlessly with various decor styles, from contemporary to transitional, making it a versatile and stylish addition to any living space.

Nested End Table:

Maximize your space with nested end tables that neatly stack beneath each other when not in use. This smart design offers versatility for small rooms, providing extra surface area when required without sacrificing valuable floor space. It's an excellent solution for apartments or cozy living spaces where space is precious.

Marble End Table:

Bring a touch of luxury to your small space with a marble end table. Its compact size and timeless elegance make it a sophisticated addition, perfect for displaying decor or holding everyday items. The luxurious texture of marble elevates the ambiance, making even the tiniest room feel upscale and refined.

Wooden End Table:

Wooden end tables are crafted from solid wood or engineered wood materials available in various models, such as a classic walnut finish or a modern oak hue. They offer a sturdy and reliable surface; additionally, they are also versatile and inviting.

The below parameters are to be kept in mind before picking a suitable end table for your living space.

  • Size: Keep the top of your table in line with the arm of the sofa or chair to which you are pairing the end table. The depth of the table needs to be less than that of your sofa or chair.
  • Materials: Pick an end table manufactured with a material which contrasts the material in which your sofa or chair is made. It is always elegant to mix and match, if you are selecting separate pieces.
  • Design & Color: If an end table is available from the product family of your sofa, go for it! Keep in mind the other furniture pieces in your living space before picking the color and pattern of an end table.

Style your end tables with elegant vases or lamps. It adds a touch of charm to the interiors. There are end tables which come with minimal storage options. This also helps add value to your home!

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