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Bedroom Furniture

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Beds & Bed Sets Online

At the end of an exhausting day, where do you go to just unwind and let go? That’s right, your bedroom is the place you spend most of your leisure time in. It is the one place where you can really just relax at the end of a hectic day. Your bedroom has the power to alter your mood and decide how you feel when you go to sleep as well as when you wake up. Which is why, the look of your bedroom is a significant part of the room to make sure that you start and end your day on a good note. You need to make sure that the look of your bedroom is aesthetic and calming to you. For that to happen, along with the right style and color theme, you need to get the right bedroom furniture that enhances your bedroom in every way possible. At Danube Home, we try to make it easier for you to find the perfect bedroom furniture through our vast collection of complete bedroom sets and individual pieces that you can put together to create your own customized interior. We believe that you should have all the information you need to make a sound decision about the product you wish to buy which is why we give point by point information on all the pieces available on the website and instore. With the convenience, decision and information that Danube Home offers, buying bedroom sets online should be easier than buying them anywhere else.


Modern design bedroom sets: Modern style bedroom furniture is all about minimalistic design and earthy tones. Find one of the best collections of modern bedroom sets made with wood veneer and marble print finish that has the perfect amount of shine to make it chic.

Contemporary design bedroom sets: More on the futuristic side, contemporary bedrooms compromise of elegant metal accents and glossy finishes that look minimal yet luxurious. Most of our contemporary bedroom sets are made with a collection of different materials that are combined together to create the perfect contrast for the contemporary look.

Retro design bedroom sets: Come with intricate old-style details that never run out of style. Our collection of bedroom sets within the vintage style come in a range of designs varying from Victorian, baroque, to middle eastern Egyptian and Arabian style bedroom sets that are specially designed for elegant and extravagant bedroom.


Our bed sets are made with the highest quality materials hence ensure resilience and value for money. Most bedroom sets are made with a combination of different materials to make the products sturdier and aesthetic. Our Bedroom sets can be found in the following material base:

SOLID WOOD:Solid wood bedroom set or in general any furniture is as classic as it gets. Buying a solid wood bedroom set is a one-time investment because the products will last for a very long time. Solid wood bedroom sets are definitely worth every penny. At Danube, you can find the finest quality solid wood beds as well as complete bedroom sets with intricate machine carved designs right onto the wood.

RUBBER WOOD:Rubber wood is a lighter shade of aged wood that comes with all the same qualities of solid wood. This type wood is one of the best for the furniture in general because of how resilient and strong it is. Rubber wood beds are a treat for the eye because of the light wood look that is so soothing to look at.

ENGINEERED WOOD (MDF AND PARTICLE WOOD):We also use a combination of engineered wood materials for our products. MDF, which stands for Medium density fiberboard, is one of the strongest engineered materials that is used as building material and in furniture manufacturing. MDF is hands-down one of the best materials for furniture all around the world. It comes under cost effective budgets and allows room for more creativity and designs to be incorporated in the furniture. At Danube Home, we use a combination of engineered wood such as MDF and particle board to craft the best quality bedroom sets for you. You can find MDF and particle board bedroom sets in different design styles and finishes such as glossy, marble printed and wood veneer.

METAL BASE:Metal legs are especially excellent to make beds strong in order for them to withstand high weight and rough usage. Metal base sheets are used in many beds for the same purpose. Metal legs also add an element of beauty to the overall look of the product. At Danube Home, you can find modern and contemporary style bedroom sets with a strong metal base painted in golden and silver accents to enhance the look of the product and give it that cutting-edge sleek look.

FABRIC HEADBOARDS:A style statement like no other. Fabric headboards have been around for a very long time and they are here to stay. Fabric headboards have a very classy look to them that makes them timeless no matter what. From faux leather to silky velvet, at Danube you can find a series of fabric headboards ranging from minimal modern to lavish vintage styles.

Bed sizes to choose from:

Single bed or twin bed:these are the smallest sized beds that are usually suitable for children.

Double bed:these beds are somewhere in the middle of a queen side bed and a single bed. They are highly suitable for Teenagers or just single individuals.

Queen sized Bed:just a little bigger than double beds. However, queen beds can accommodate 2 people easily so they are the suitable for couples with smaller bedroom.

King size bed: ideal sized bed for a couple’s bedroom or just large bedrooms in general.

The ideal Bed for your bedroom should have the following qualities:

  • Spacious and comfortable.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Strong and long-lasting.

What to consider when thinking of buying a new bed:

Size:The size your bed matters. It is usually based on your own requirements and preference. In an ideal situation it is highly suggested to buy a bed that’s a little more spacious than a single bed. Even when designing a space for one individual, it is better to opt for a double bed or a queen-sized bed as it allows more space and a relaxed sleep. It also makes for a better overall bedroom look compared to single beds.

Always Measure the size of your room and compare it against your preferred size of the bed. A common mistake that most people make when buying a new bed is buying the wrong size of bed for their room. Your bed should not just be good looking but it should also compliment your bedroom. When buying instore or online, you might fancy a large king size bedroom set for your smaller room and then try to fit everything inside the bedroom and overcrowd your very own space. Similarly, if you fill your really large bedroom with just a single bed, the room will look very empty and hallow. You need to find that right balance between the size of your bedroom and your bed. The best way to achieve this balance is to measure your bedroom before buying a bed and making sure you leave an average of 32 inches of empty space around your bed.

Design and Style: the look of your bedroom depends on your preference of aesthetic but more specifically what type of space you believe you would find peace in. While some pieces of furniture are meant for comfort, like mattresses, a lot of the other furniture in a standard bedroom is chosen for its visual value and durability including the frame of your bed. You want to make sure that your bed appeals to your eyes and comes together seamlessly with the rest of the furniture in the room.

The design of your furniture is essential because it can be the difference between a chaotic and an elegant bedroom. At Danube Home, you can find premade bedroom sets in various styles such as modern, contemporary, classy vintage and arabesque. These set are designed so that you don’t have to handpick each item to match the specific style that you wish to achieve in your bedroom.

High or low? The height of the bed can have different effects on the overall look of your bedroom. You want to make sure that the height matches the rest of the furniture. A tall bed will make your room look very dense while a shorter bed will make your room look spacious, which is why it is advised to buy a taller bed for a large bedroom and a shorter bed for smaller bedroom. The standard height of a bed that works well for most individuals is 24 inches from ground up.

It is also important to who will be using the bed. The height of the bed should be relevant to the height of the person that uses the bed. Your bed should be tall enough that it lines your knees with your hips when sitting and short enough that you don’t have to jump down from the bed. You need to make sure that the height of your bed is not in any way uncomfortable for you and/or your partner in the long run.

Material: the material of your bed depends on your preference and usage. If you know that the bed you need will be in a much more rugged use and are looking for a strong sturdy bed, opt for solid wood product or metal base product. These types of beds can handle heavier wear and tear throughout the years.

If you’re a much more aware user looking for something more on the visually appealing side, you should choose from our collection of MDF and particle board material beds that come with stunning details and finishes. You might also like fabric detailed headboards with tufted button details. This material can withhold everyday wear and tear, is long-lasting, durable and extremely pretty.


Danube Home gives you variety of ideas for your bedroom through a range of bedroom furniture such as beds in varying sizes with and without hydraulic storage, nightstands, 2-door, 3-door, 4-door, and 4+door wardrobes, dressers, chests of drawers and shelves for more storage, bedroom suits along with an array of armchairs, chaise lounges and accent furniture. It presents you with a range of designs to choose from. Browse an extensive variety of Arabic styles, vintage set and cutting-edge modern designs. Danube Home will provide you with the best shopping experience with the endless benefits and customer support. Shop furniture online from danubehome.com in just a single click and experience the most elite scope of furniture and home decor items. You can likewise benefit the spectacular discounts with free home delivery and installation in OMAN as well as easy EMI, easy returns and cash on delivery. Simply visit our online store to know more about our Furniture Products.

FAQs- Beds

Q. What should I look for when buying a bed?

A. - Measure your space: Ascertain the dimensions and space available in your room before deciding on the size of your bed. While the general rule of thumb is to opt for the largest bed that can fit in with your room, planning out the layout of your bedroom beforehand would give you an idea of the ideal sized bed.

- Storage: If you happen to be pressed for space or would simply like to get the maximum benefit out of your bed, consider opting for one that comes with inbuilt storage. This can be extremely helpful in stashing away your belongings.

- Health considerations: Another vital factor in bed-hunting is health considerations. While looking for a bed, it’s a good idea to invest in one that offers good back support and works for your preferences in terms of size and shape. Ensure that it aligns with the type of mattress you’d like to buy as well.

Q. Should I buy queen or king size bed?

A. The answer to that would differ based on person to person, based on the following factors:

- Number of people sharing the bed: If you’re on the lookout for a bed for an individual person, both options would provide ample space (naturally), and if you and a partner are on the lookout for a bed, both options work as well, except that a king sized bed would naturally provide more room. If sharing a bed with a partner, consider your sleeping styles and amount of room required by each person to sleep comfortably, while making a decision.

- Budget: A king sized bed naturally costs more than a queen sized one, so your decision would also be influenced by your budget.

- Size of the room: If you have a big room and ample space, you might want to consider purchasing a king-sized bed, as it would help fill up space. Smaller rooms would definitely benefit from opting for a queen-sized bed.

Q. How big is a king-sized bed?

A. A king-sized bed tends to be about 180 cm long and 200 cm wide. That is about 6 feet long and 6 feet 8 inches wide.

Q. Is it worth buying a king-sized bed?

A. No doubt a significant purchase, a king-sized bed is a viable option for those who are looking for maximum space and elbow/leg room for sleepers, making it great for couples, as well as those who share a bed with their pets. It also works well for rooms that are large and have a lot of space to spare. Since king sized beds tend to be the largest, however, ensure that there is adequate space surrounding the bed for the rest of the furniture, as well as easy and smooth traffic flow.

Q. What is the best-sized bed for couples?

A. Both king and queen-sized beds are good options for couples, depending upon a couple of factors. For instance, a queen-sized bed is a viable option for couples wanting to keep their spend within a budget and is quite popular as a mattress size as well. A queen-sized bed gives approximately 30 inches of space to each individual, which is a comfortable amount of space on average. Alternatively, a king-sized bed is definitely the most optimal choice for couples looking to maximize the total amount of space per person, and works well for larger bedrooms. It provides an additional 7-8 inches of space per individual as compared to a queen-sized bed as well. However, it is important to keep in mind that the largest option does not mean the best option, and the optimal choice would differ from couple to couple.

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