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TV & Media Units

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TV Units

Shop The Best TV Stands And TV Unit In Oman, For Your Home!

Over the course of time, TV media units have become an increasingly common and popular fixture accompanying TV sets in the contemporary home. Their popularity can be owed to their Oman, look no further than Danube Home! Enjoy browsing through our versatile range of TV cabinet options online or in-store from our various outlets spread across the Oman.

TTV wall unit is available as a full fixture of shelves and cabinets as well as in simpler designs like a TV table which is essentially a long narrow table like design with open or closed shelving to store all the audio visual equipment. TV table is usually a good add on to a minimal living area design and it’s relatively easier to install. The TV can be placed either on the TV Table or can be wall mounted above the TV Table leaving more room on top to keep décor pieces or other media equipment. A complete TV wall unit has a well thought out design to accommodate all your media equipment as well as store away your books, display décor pieces that you love or even place photo frames that help personalize the space.

Understandably, a TV unit is a fixture that can often take up central space in a room, which makes it all the more important to pick the right one. Things to look out for while shopping for TV wall unit include:

Size of the television:

Although televisions are measured by their diagonal width, TV cabinets feature traditional measurements of width and height, so it is important to have all your measurements sorted and account for an additional 2 inches (at least) of width, while picking out your TV stand. While deciding on the right pick of TV unit for your living room, ensure that you choose a size that not only fits the available space, but one that is in proportion to the surroundings as well. A wide TV stand is preferred in case you have a larger television. Wall mounting your TV and opting for a simple TV table to store media essentials is also a great option if your living room is not very spacious. You can always add shelving units around the wide TV stand to display décor items or books.

Room ambience and style:

As we mentioned earlier, TV cabinets tend to be the central, focal point of a room, which is why it is vital to pick a TV stand that complements and enhances the overall décor and ambience of a room. For instance, while a glass TV unit may fit incredibly well with the décor of your room, one must keep in mind that it isn’t the best idea if kids are present. A wall mount TV stand is a great option for smaller living spaces especially if it features a compact design that works well with different TV sizes. A wall mount TV stand helps create the illusion of space as the unit is completely elevated from the floor.

Functionality and features:

Consider which features you’re looking for from your TV unit. If you have a collection of video games, or DVDs that you’d like to store, you might want to consider a TV unit with cabinet space. If the idea of lighting being used creatively appeals to you from a décor perspective, you could opt for a TV stand with LED lighting. If displaying décor items and other memorabilia such as photo frames is what you’re looking for, then consider choosing a TV stand with lots of shelves and display space.

Common Materials Used In TV Units


Largely preferred for its versatility and ability to blend in with a wide variety of surroundings, wood TV units are gaining popularity. Their natural ruggedness and texture lends an earthy, grounding quality to their surroundings and gives a the room a unique personality. Not to mention, wood TV stands would also work well with other wood furniture.


Metallic TV units are a great option for your living room as well. The best part about a TV stand made of metal is that they also include a combination style incorporating both wood and metal, which translates into a chic, contemporary look and innovative designs.


A TV stand made of glass is great for smaller spaces, and look extremely sleek and modern. They feature tough glass that makes it less easy to break, stain and scratch.

A TV unit should be the perfect balance of functionality and style. It should have room for all your audio visual equipment and fulfill the purpose of supporting the TV while also being aesthetically appealing as they are usually the focal point in your living area. Danube Home is home to best range of TV units in Muscat or anywhere in Oman whether it is in-store or online. If you’re lucky you may chance upon some unbelievable offers and sales too!

FAQs - TV Media Units

Q. What Are The Latest Designs In TV Stands Online?

A. TV stands have evolved over the years to include features and designs that are progressively modern in their aesthetic and appeal. The latest trends and designs that enjoy popularity among the masses include:

- Contemporary: Elegant and sleek, the contemporary TV unit style features a blend of multifunctional utility and design and is one of the most popular styles of television units.

- Country/Textures: This style of TV units features a rugged look associated with different types of wood, for the most part. Lends a unique personality to the room and is great with the

- Wall mounted/Floating: Wall mount TV stands are designed in an ultra-modern and ultra-chic style, which makes them a great addition to a contemporary room, they add a futuristic vibe to the living room.

- Entertainment unit: As multifunctional as they come, this type of TV unit features a vast array of storage and display options, and tends to be large in size.

Q. What Type Of TV Stand Is Best For The Bedroom?

A. TV stands that work best for bedrooms tend to feature storage compartments that allow for storing books, electronics, DVDs, etc. While looking for TV stands for your bedroom, look for something minimalistic that blends in with the décor of your room, in order to create a cohesive, calming environment. A TV unit with shelves and drawers is perfect for displaying items such as photo frames and décor pieces, in addition to providing storage.

Q. What Should I Look For When Buying A TV Stand?

A. When deciding upon your choice of TV stand, look out for the following:

- Firstly, you have to measure your television to determine the TV stand that can accommodate it. For this, you would need to ascertain the height and width of your television, in order to ensure that your television looks proportionate to the TV stand.

- Another important consideration while picking out a TV stand is to pick one that complements the décor and aesthetic of your room. Widely popular colors and materials for TV units include mahogany, maple, metal or some combination of wood and metal. Their neutrality and ability to blend in with a wide variety of surroundings is what makes them a popular choice.

- Also consider the type of usage you’re looking for from your TV stand. Depending on whether you play video games frequently, need holes for wire management, or simply have a large collection DVDs that you would like to have space for, pick your TV stand accordingly.

Q. What Should Be The Height Of A TV Stand?

A. The height of your TV stand can vary depending upon factors such as size of the TV, size of the room, design, etc., however, a height of approximately 42 inches is considered appropriate on average.

Q. What Size TV Stand Should I Get?

A. It is important to note that the TV sizes are ascertained using diagonal measurement, and it is recommended that the base of the TV stand is at least two inches wider than the width of the screen. For instance, if your TV screen is 26 inches wide, the minimum width of the TV stand must be at least 28 inches. If your TV is 31 inches wide, the minimum width of the TV stand must be at least 33 inches, and so on. With regards to height, on average, the TV stand height must be about 42 inches, but may differ based on the size of the TV and height of and distance from the sofas and chairs. Ideally, a TV stand must be too far above your line of sight either, for comfortable viewing.

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