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Wardrobe Closets

Buy The Best Wardrobes In Oman At The Best Price From Danube Home!

If you are looking for pocket friendly cupboards or cupboard for sale in the Oman, Danube Home is the best place to shop from. Danube Home store has a host of wardrobe options that you can choose from whether you are looking for 3 door wardrobe, 4 door wardrobe or 6 door wardrobe. You can also buy wardrobes online at DanubeHome.com.

Finding the right wardrobe is important for so many reasons. Your wardrobe plays a significant part in bringing the look of your bedroom together. While finding a cupboard for sale is great, you should consider the fact that a wardrobe is an investment so it needs to have all the space you require for your belongings now and in the near future. We don’t want you to make the wrong choice and have to look for alternate storage options when you run out of space in your wardrobe. We believe that you should have all the information you need to make a sound decision about the product you wish to buy which is why we give point by point information on all the pieces available online and in store. With the convenience, decision and information that Danube Home offers, buying wardrobe online should be easier than buying it anywhere else.

When choosing the best wardrobe for your bedroom or when looking for cupboard on sale be sure to consider the 2 main factors listed below:


Space available and storage needed: One of the most important things you need to consider when buying any furniture is how much space you have available for that particular piece. For this, just measure the space that you wish to fill with a wardrobe and compare it with the information available on wardrobes online or consult any supervisor in store. Consider how much space you have against how much space you need for storage. This will define the type of wardrobe you need. For example, if you have a smaller space, you might want to get a wardrobe with multiple smaller compartments rather than 1 or 2 big compartments. This will make storage easier. If you have enough space for any wardrobe, consider how much storage you require. If you require less storage you could opt for a smaller wardrobe and fill the rest of the space with some more meaningful home decor items. If you have a large bedroom, nothing looks better than our retro style bedroom sets with massive luxurious wardrobes.


2 door Wardrobe:

the smaller wardrobe 2 door take up much less space and in turn provide much less storage. Wardrobe 2 door is ideal for small efficient bedrooms, minimal bedrooms, and is much more suitable for children’s bedrooms and nurseries.

3 door Wardrobe:

the middle range between wardrobe 2 door and 4 door wardrobe. The 3 door wardrobe is most suitable for teenagers and individuals.

4 door Wardrobe:

the 4-door wardrobe is a decent sized wardrobe for the master bedroom with sufficient storage space for two people. However, 4+door wardrobes like the 6 door wardrobe are the ultimate storage options available in the market. A 6 door wardrobe is the ideal choice for a couple’s bedroom and goes perfectly with bedroom sets.

6 door wardrobes are also ideal for large bedrooms; you wouldn’t want to add a small wardrobe in a large room and make it look disproportionate.

Sliding door wardrobes: sliding door wardrobes are very modern and classy. The sliding doors are extremely convenient to use and are suitable for smaller spaces too!

Most wardrobes come with a matching bedroom set that is carefully designed to complete the look of your bedroom and make your life easier. All products can be bought as individual pieces or in preferred combinations according to your requirements. Be sure to watch out for discounts and sales when you just might get lucky and find your dream cupboard on sale.


When buying a separate wardrobe, you need to make sure that the design and style of the wardrobe really connect with the design of the rest of the room. You need to make sure that the room looks seamless and the wardrobe does not stand out as odd. You can do that by matching one (or more) of the following elements of the wardrobe to something prominent in the room: color, material, textures and of course style. Look around and imagine what a specific wardrobe would look like in your bedroom along with your bed and other furniture and you will surely get it right.

Shop For Your Wardrobe Online From Danube Home

If you are looking for wardrobevsale in Muscat, Oman, you can shop for the most diverse collection of wardrobes at a wide range of prices in or Danube Home online. You do not have to wait for wardrobe sale to shop for the best wardrobes as we have a host of affordably priced wardrobes to choose from, whether you are looking to buy wardrobes online or in store.

Danube Home gives you variety of ideas for your bedroom through a range of bedroom furniture including storage options such as 2-door, 3-door and 4+door wardrobes, dressers, chests of drawers, shelves and more. We present you with a range of designs to choose from. Browse an extensive variety of Arabic styles, vintage set and cutting-edge modern designs. Danube home will provide you the best shopping experience with the endless benefits and customer support. Buy wardrobes online from danubehome.com in just a single click and experience the most elite scope of furniture and home decor items. You can likewise benefit the spectacular wardrobe sale, discounts with free home delivery and installation in Oman as well as easy EMI, easy returns and cash on delivery. Simply visit our online store to know more about our Furniture Products.

FAQs - Wardrobes

Should I Buy Wardrobes Online?

Buying wardrobes online is easy and convenient but there are a few things to keep in mind.

- Be sure to do ample research and read all available information about the wardrobe you like before making a purchase.

- Measure the space you wish to allot for your wardrobe in your home and cross check it with the size of the wardrobe to make sure that it’s a perfect fit.

- Since you are not seeing the wardrobe in person, make sure to research on the material that the wardrobe is made of so you will not have to face any unpleasant surprise once the item is delivered to you.

- Buying from a trusted, well-known brand like Danube Home is the best option as established brands are known to be experts in furniture and decor and will have products of great quality as compared to lesser known retailers or online marketplaces.

Keeping the above points in mind should help you buy wardrobes online without any hassle.

What Is The Best Wardrobes Furniture To Buy Online?

Whether you wish to buy wardrobe online or in store, the key points to consider is the size of the wardrobe, the design or the style of the wardrobe, your personal requirement/preference in terms of storage, and the material of the cupboard. While stores have space constraints that force them to display on a limited number of furniture pieces at a time, online stores do not have this issue which means you may have a more expansive selection when shopping for wardrobes or any furniture online. You can choose wardrobes from the wide range of wardrobes online; 2 door wardrobes, 3 door wardrobes, 4 door wardrobes, 6 or 6+ door wardrobes, the pictures will also show you the kind of storage options like shelves, hanging space or drawers, wardrobes with sliding doors or swinging doors, the finish of the wood, the material whether MDF, ply or engineered wood; the choice is endless.

What Type Of Wardrobes Furniture Is The Most Durable?

At Danube Home, all the products are made with the highest quality materials hence ensure resilience and value for money. Wardrobes are available in the following materials:

Solid Wood: Buying a solid wood wardrobe is a one-time investment because solid wood wardrobes are the most durable wardrobes. At Danube Home, you can find the finest quality solid wood wardrobes as well as complete bedroom sets with intricate machine carved designs right onto the wood.

Rubber Wood: Rubber wood is a lighter shade of aged wood that comes with all the same qualities of solid wood making it a durable wardrobe choice.

This type wood is one of the best options for furniture in general because of how resilient and strong it is. Rubber wood wardrobe in particular is very versatile and can work with most bedroom set with ease.

Engineered Wood (MDF and particle wood): MDF, which stands for Medium density fiberboard, is one of the strongest engineered materials that is used as building material and in furniture manufacturing. MDF is hands-down one of the best materials for furniture all around the world. It comes under cost effective budgets and allows room for more creativity and designs to be incorporated in the furniture. At Danube Home, we use a combination of engineered wood such as MDF and particle board to craft the best quality bedroom sets for you. You can find MDF and particle board wardrobes, in different design styles and finishes such as glossy, marble printed and wood veneer.

What Are The Different Types Of Wardrobe?

There are several different types of wardrobes in the market. The differentiation can be based on the size, the material of construction as well as the style or finish of the wardrobe.

In terms of size, wardrobes are of the following types:

- 2 door wardrobe- this is one of the smaller variants of wardrobes that’s great for guest rooms or to store items of a single person. They can also be used in children’s rooms.

- 3 door wardrobe- the 3-door wardrobe is sufficient for teenagers rooms or individual rooms to store away items comfortably.

- 4 door wardrobe- 4 door wardrobes are the ideal choice for a couple’s bedroom and go perfectly with bedroom sets especially in smaller master bedrooms.

- 6 door wardrobe & 6+ door wardrobe- These wardrobes offer maximum storage capacity and are usually quite big in size and will therefore be great for larger bedrooms.

In terms of material of construction, wardrobes are of the following types:

- Solid Wood: The most durable material in furniture or wardrobe construction

- Rubber Wood: Has a lighter wood finish and makes a durable wardrobe too.

- Engineered Wood (MDF and particle wood): The most commonly used variant in furniture manufacturing. They are durable, comes at pocket friendly prices and in a lot of different styles.

In terms of style or finish, wardrobes are of the following types:

- Modern: Modern wardrobes come with minimal elegant details that make them versatile and suitable for just about any home.

- Contemporary: our contemporary style wardrobes include sleek designs, metal accents and glossy finishes. Contemporary style wardrobes are perfect for a very classy new-age bedroom.

- Retro: our retro style wardrobes include all the vintage classics. The vintage style come in a range of designs varying from Victorian, baroque, to middle eastern Egyptian and Arabian style wardrobes specially designed for elegant and extravagant bedrooms.

How Do I Choose The Right Wardrobe?

Here’s how to choose wardrobe for your home:

- Size: Measure the space you plan to allot for your wardrobe and choose a wardrobe that fits this space.

- Storage needs: Decide on exactly how many things you need to store in your cupboard. Do not forget to take into account future purchases too. Based on this and the available size, you can decide on whether you want to buy a 2-door, 3-door, 4-door, 6 or 6+ door wardrobe.

- Storage design: Cupboards are designed differently, so make sure you check the hanging space, shelving space and drawers to see if they suit your requirements.

- Style: If you are buying a wardrobe separately, make sure to choose one that blends well with the rest of your room decor as your wardrobe should not strike out as odd.

- Material: Do some research and decide on what material you want your wardrobe to be. There are many options like solid wood, rubber wood and engineered wood wardrobes available in the market

Keep the above points in mind when choosing the perfect wardrobe for your home.

Are Open Wardrobes A Good Idea?

Choosing a wardrobe is a personal choice based on individual tastes and preferences. Apart from keeping your room clutter free and neat, the main purpose of a cupboard is to keep your clothes dust free, safe and organized. When it comes to an open wardrobe, the clothes have to be organized perfectly in order not to compromise with the aesthetic appeal of the room. However, open wardrobes are a great option if you have a walk-in closet/wardrobe. While they look great when properly arranged in minimalistic spaces, the upkeep is quite difficult and clothes could get dusty and sometimes even fade in color if the open wardrobe is kept close to sunlight/window.

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